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Ferrari – 212 Export (1951)


Vehicle Type:
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Engine CC:
Brian Ross (US)

Classe F

Ferrari - 212 E
Classe F66

In 1951, Ferrari was still a small, fledgling company. Enzo Ferrari had only established it four years earlier and the 212 model he presented was intended to fire up the next stage of evolution. Once again, the number reflected the capacity of a cylinder, which in a V12 engine results in a displacement of almost 2.6 litres. This meant that the diminutive sports car was mind-warpingly motorised compared with its competitors.

But that was undoubtedly Ferrari’s direction of travel. Being successful on race tracks was a matter of honour. Ferrari was able to produce around two dozen 212 E racing cars – E was the abbreviation for Export, but it designated the racing version. Eight of these cars are supposed to have been given enclosed bodies by Vignale, similar to this example – although each one was distinctive. Alfredo Vignale selected this car for his stand at the Turin Motor Show in 1951, before Prince Vittorio Massimo took over as its first owner. One year later the potent Berlinetta lined up at the start of the Giro di Sicilia. The current owner acquired the meticulously documented 212 E in 2007 from a Mexican collection and had it restored to the original specifications.

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