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Cadillac – Series 62 Ghia (1953)


Vehicle Type:
Sport Sedan
Coach Builder:
Carrozzeria Ghia Turin
Engine CC:
Lee Carr (US)

Classe F

Ghia - Cadillac
Classe F68

The transatlantic mix of American automobile engineering and Italian coachbuilding flair created a number of spectacular styling harmonies in the history of auto design, as is manifestly evidenced by this truly impressive Ghia Cadillac. The project started up in May 1953 when Ghia ordered two roadworthy chassis from Cadillac. The designers Felice Boano and Luigi Segre succeeded in creating an initial harbinger of the subsequent extremely successful class of Personal Luxury Cars on the comfortable platform. A striking feature of the Ghia bodywork is its long wheelbase with an unusually short front overhang. Many details such as the split rear windscreen take up aeronautical cues which were to define the language of form for American automobiles in the years to come.

A number of facts about the history of this car remain unexplained right down to the present day. For example, the question as to which of the two Ghia Cadillac saloons film diva Rita Hayworth received as a gift – was it this one? Or in fact the other one? However, what is certain is that this Ghia Cadillac is once more presented as Ghia unveiled it 70 years ago for the first time – right down to the last detail.

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