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Porsche – 935 (1979)


Vehicle Type:
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Phillip Sarofim (US)

Classe D

Porsche - 935
Classe D46

Porsche had developed the Type 935 on the basis of the 911 turbo and campaigned with it in the World Championship of Makes starting in 1976. And with memorable success: The trophy was awarded to Porsche for four consecutive years. The marque achieved even more resounding success with IMSA racing in the US. The 935 also gained great popularity with private teams. It often put in a superior performance and its reliability was impressive. Furthermore, Porsche offered a professional service to its racing customers. This example originates from the penultimate year of construction in 1979, and as a new car it campaigned straight away in Interscope Racing at California’s Newport Beach. The racing car finished in black paintwork competed in its first race at the 24 Hour Race of Daytona. Team owner Ted Field, regular driver Danny Ongais and endurance specialist Hurley Haywood started out on the grid in eighth place, built up a big lead and won the race – creeping over the finishing line at a modest 20 miles an hour because the turbocharger had failed and the passenger door was missing. Ted Field was in the cockpit with Milt Minter and John Morton at Le Mans but the team had to abandon the race in the 154th lap with engine damage.
Ted Field subsequently achieved more successes and indeed a number of first places with this 935 in the IMSA series.

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