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Rolls-Royce – 20 H.P. (1925)


Vehicle Type:
Allweather Tourer
Coach Builder:
Windovers (Huntingdon)
Engine CC:
Shefali Prakash (UK)

Classe C

Rolls-Royce - 20 H.P.
Classe C26

This eccentric Rolls-Royce 20 H. P. shines like a glittering jewel in the sunshine with its highly pol- ished bodywork. At the same time, it gives no clue as to its passengers. Dark blue glass protects against any inquisitive eyes. If the windows need to be opened in sweltering climes, a fine-mesh grille made of silver wire can be wound up for protection. This lets fresh air in but keeps insects out. His Highness the Maharaja of Bharatpur ordered the Rolls-Royce Twenty in this form as a vehicle for his wife. Her Highness the Maharani Sahiba of Bharatpur travelled around conspicuously in this conveyance but her personage remained completely concealed from view. The chauffeur issued acoustic warnings to the general public and holy cows by sounding a wide range of hooters, horns and bells, which he was instructed to vary in accordance with the particular occasion. At the client’s request, Rolls-Royce only fitted this 20 H. P. with rear brakes and consequently refused to provide a warranty. Until the late 1960s, the ruling house used this Rolls-Royce before it was dismantled and exported to Great Britain in 1983 where it underwent an extensive restoration. The current owner took on stewardship recently in November 2022

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