Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este

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ANNIVERSARYof the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este

ANNIVERSARYof the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este


2022 is a very special year for the iconic Villa d’Este. Originally designed as a private residence for the Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio in the 16th century and transformed into one of world’s finest hotels in 1873, Villa d’Este celebrates its 150th hotel season this year.

It is impossible not to be swept up in the silent glamour and history of Villa d’Este, with the grande dame having played host to some of the greatest names in cinema, art, literature, politics and business over the past 150 seasons.

The legendary hotel has withstood the test of time and evolved gracefully, and this anniversary year will honour the traditions for which Villa d’Este is famed and adored, whilst also celebrating the continued innovations which affirms the hotel as an evolving icon within the industry. This anniversary merits a separate Concorso d’Eleganza vehicle class: “Celebrating 150 seasons at Villa d’Este: how grand entrances were once made” presents vehicles that have gone down in the annals of the Concours as winners of the Coppa d’Oro Villa d’Este or the “Best of Show” trophy since the first ever event in 1929.

In the year 2022, Villa d’Este begins the season for the 150th time. Once again, a uniquely coordinated combination of cherished traditions and esteemed qualities awaits. Assiduously detailed preparations and an incomparably discreet service achieving subtle perfection will convince the guests at this grandest of grand hotels that these hallowed halls are quite simply beyond compare. In 1873, the great leap of change with the launch of Villa d’Este as a luxury hotel heralded a bold and farsighted approach. Since that beginning, no one year has been the same as another, and yet an inner sense of continuity marks the management of this house. Luxury here has the iconic status of an intrinsically supreme value. And yet this splendour is based on an ethos, arising from a deep understanding of identity. Luxury has
never been degraded to becoming a mere façade or product here on the fabulous shores of Lake Como. Every year, it is vividly sustained with great authenticity, placing this Grand Hotel in an incomparable class of its own. However, tradition should not be an unalloyed end in itself. The flair of innovative inspirations acts as a beacon for the future to ensure that the success of past annals continues.

Davide Bertilaccio CEO Villa d’Este Hotels

April 2022 saw Davide Bertilaccio taking on this mantle in his positionas CEO of Villa d’Este Hotels. After three decades of experience in the world of luxury hotels, he is dedicated to maintaining the values epitomised by Villa d’Este while at the same time contributing new ideas to shape future seasons with integrity and refined finesse.
Villa d’Este : Located on the shores of the most romantic lake in the world, Villa d’Este is much more than a hotel, it is a destination. Set at the foot of the Italian Alps, near to Italy’s silk and fashion capitals, Como and Milan, it beckons you to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and indulge in the dolce vita lifestyle. It is the art of fine living.

Villa d’Este hosts the most exclusive and prestigious among the competitions dedicated to vintage cars. The Competition celebrates the creativity and design that marked the epochs with their style and their unmistakable elegance. Impossible to resist the charm of the Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este.

“The precise location of heaven on earth has never been established but it may very well be right here.”

Herb Caen

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