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Aston Martin – DB4 GT (1960)


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Golden Age Collection (DE)

Class E

Born for the Racetrack: “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”

Aston Martin - DB4 GT
Class E62

The creation of the new DB4 was indeed an exciting process for niche company Aston Martin. Everything was being developed from the ground up. This was true of the engine, a 3.7 litre inline six-cylinder engine with square bore and stroke dimensions, designed by Tadek Marek, and it also applied to the chassis and the bodywork. The factory wasn’t satisfied with the initial in-house design and therefore commissioned Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, proprietor of Carrozzeria Touring in Milan and owner of the Superleggera Patent.

In 1958, the Anglo-Italian project brought forth an impressive holistic fusion of ideas. This was in turn outclassed by the DB4 GT sports version presented in the following year. Significantly lighter, shorter, and more powerful, this small series was built in an edition of just 75 units. This particular coupé was supplied to Paris as a new vehicle and then ended up in the United States before being taken on by a German collector of Aston Martins in 1967. After a nuts-and-bolts restoration in the mid-1990s and almost two decades spent in a Swiss collection, this DB4 GT came into the custodianship of today’s owner as recently as 2021.

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