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Austin Mini-Cooper S Works Rallye (Replika) (1963)


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Austin Mini-Cooper S Works Rallye (Replika)
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This replica – based on a 1963 Austin Mini Cooper S – was created on the basis of the works cars as they were raced in rallies by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) during the 1960s. Works cars of this type saw their debut at the Tour de France in 1963.

After a thorough revision of the body, the car was given the typical BMC works livery of Tartan Red/Old English White. The original engine has a cubic capacity of 1071 cc. The displacement was enlarged to 1085 cc and a 1.5″ SU H4 carburettor was installed. The interior design is equivalent to the BMC rally car. Even the driver’s seat and upholstery were manufactured in an authentic match with the original.

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