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BMW – 2002 turbo (1974)


Vehicle Type:
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The May Collection (DE)

Class F

50 Years of Mean Machinery: BMW’s M Cars and their Ancestors

BMW - 2002 turbo
Class F84

Once upon a time, the assembled media accused the BMW 2002 turbo of something akin to hooliganism. The huge spoilers, the wheel housings and then there was the mirror-inverted lettering “turbo” as a warning to the vehicle in front and actually only supplied with the vehicle as a sticker. This was altogether too much for the staid motorists on Germany’s streets in the early 1970s. Even the German Parliament or Bundestag in Bonn debated the issue. The final outcome of all the brouhaha was an icon.

The powerful model took BMW to the zenith of the successful 02 Series. Furthermore, the 2002 turbo proudly wore the exalted badge of being the first German production automobile to be equipped with a turbocharger – race-bred technology from motor sport. However, in reality this fast-paced, sporty derivative didn’t stand a chance in the marketplace – it drove full tilt into the first oil crisis. Today, the BMW 2002 turbo is regarded as a collectible par excellence, as demonstrated by this example. The saloon was given a comprehensive, sensitive restoration, which made significant use of original period components. Today, there aren’t even 100 kilometres on the clock!

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