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BMW – 3.0 CSL – Alexander Calder (1975)


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SC 31 - BMW 3.0 CSL - Alexander Calder
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Who could have guessed back in 1975 that the BMW 3.0 CSL race car designed by the American sculptor Alexander Calder would be the prelude to what is now a legendary art series? The answer is no-one, not even at BMW. Hervé Poulain approached the automaker himself. The idea of the BMW Art Cars was not something that a PR department planned, as Prof. Thomas Girst, Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group, has also confirmed. Poulain actually drove the no. 93 BMW 3.0 CSL in the Le Mans 24-hour race himself. Although he didn’t finish, the response to the colorful Calder-mobile was phenomenal. And thus the starting gun was fired for BMW Art Cars! 

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