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Bugatti – Type 57 C Stelvio (1936)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Engine CC:
Andreas Biagosch (DE)

Class A

The golden Age of Elegance: The Art Deco Era of Motor Car Design

Bugatti - Type 57 C Stelvio
Class A10

The Passo dello Stelvia, or Stelvio Pass, bestowed its name on this convertible. The legendary route across the Alps reflected the engine’s enormous capacity for performance. Moreover, this particular example was the first Type 57 that Bugatti sold with a supercharger. According to the documented history, coachbuilder Gangloff in Colmar (France) started work on 8th January 1937. Just three weeks later, the purchaser was able to pick up his vehicle. Later, the Bugatti passed through the hands of various French purchasers before reaching the current owner in 2015. Previously, the car had experienced a lively and practical driving history, evidenced by some unconventional details – for example, a section of the roof gutter protected the exhaust system.

The convertible was put through a four-year meticulous restoration by a specialist, supported by a comprehensive archive of documents and photographs. The art deco bumpers of this coachwork are particularly worthy of attention. This is the only known model of this Bugatti to be adorned with these exquisite details.

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