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Cadillac – Sixty-Two Sedan (1959)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Engine CC:
Axel Schröter (MC)

Class C

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Cadillac - Sixty-Two Sedan
Class C40

In an era of boundless horizons stretching into the future, American designers created a vogue in automobiles that transported the dream of conquering space onto the roads of the New World. Never before had such impressive, fabulous visions been formed in sheet metal as in the twilight years of the 1950s. There really is a moment in which every era achieves its apogee and reaches a truly awesome zenith. This was represented in the automobile genre by the Cadillac models manufactured in 1959.

This Sixty-Two Six Window Sedan is the epitome of this era, styled in a colour that conjures up magical images through its name alone – Inverness Green Iridescent is the unusual shade that Cadillac itself selected for the vehicles featured in the manufacturer’s advertising campaign at the time. Cadillac delivered this four-door sedan, more than 5.70 metres in length, to Ontario (Canada) in May 1959, where it was purchased by a prestigious local lawyer. Later on, his daughter took over the car and looked after it with loving care and attention until it was acquired by the present owner in 2012 with just 80,000 miles on the clock.

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