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Ferrari – 375 America (1953)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Pinin Farina
Engine CC:
Jaime Muldoon (MX)

Class D

The Cavallino at 75: Eight Decades of Ferrari represented in eight Icons

Ferrari - 375 America
Class D46

You can’t appeal to a target market more directly. From 1951, Ferrari named a number of models after the country where the niche, ambitious automaker from Modena perceived its greatest potential – America. This form of nomenclature was followed by the 375 America, the first example of which is presented here. In 1953, the new car was on display at the Paris Motor Show. Many of its aspects were in harmony with the 250 Europa. Instead of being powered by the compact Colombo V12, the car was given the greater athletic prowess generated by the engine from Aurelio Lampredi.

This also offered substantial displacement reserves. 300 hp and a top speed far, far in excess of 200 km/h became firmly etched on the minds of a public captivated by the car’s incredible power and beauty. Only around a dozen 375 America sports cars were produced, most of them bodied by Pinin Farina. This example is Number 1 and after its appearance at the Paris Salon, Ferrari delivered it to a customer in Los Angeles, very much in the spirit of its name. In 2007, a restoration followed in the United States and today, the car enriches a collection in Mexico.

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