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Isotta Fraschini – Tipo 8 AS (1927)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Inline 8
Engine CC:
Nicholas & Shelley Schorsch (US)

Class A


Isotta Fraschini - Tipo 8 AS
Class A04

Isotta Fraschini introduced their fabulous Tipo 8 AS – S for ‘Spinto’ – from 1926 to 1932. The new 7.4 litre straight-eight engine delivered a muscular power increase over the former 5.9 litre engine and generated some 120 hp. Isotta wanted to create a particularly glamorous image in the USA and targeted the new American aristocracy – the stars of stage and screen. These socialites often paid much more for an Isotta than they would have handed over for a Duesenberg Model J. Certainly one of the marque’s biggest fans was Rudolph Valentino. He also sired from Italy, born as Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaello di Valentina d’Antonguella in Castellaneta. The star of silent movies owned several Isottas and he commissioned this roadster, ordered through New York dealer Ugo d’Annunzio’s Isotta Motors on Fifth Avenue. Valentino was reputedly personally involved in the design and paid meticulous attention to the precise specifications of the 8 AS. The roadster body was originally designed by LeBaron of New York City, and built by Fleetwood also based in New York. Sadly, he did not live to glory in the finished car after he met an untimely death at the age of only 31 in the summer of 1926 following a misdiagnosis of a perforated ulcer. The Tipo 8 AS was an absolute showstopper when it was displayed in the New York Auto Show held at the Commodore Hotel in the same year. After the show, the car was a magnet for admiring looks at Isotta Fraschini’s showroom. The price tag was a mouthwatering 25,000 dollars. Peggy Hopkins Joyce was the first owner. This lady was a New York high-society socialite who was renowned for her flamboyant lifestyle, numerous love affairs and – financially highly advantageous marriages. What’s more, she didn’t even have to pay for the car. Rumours abounded that one of her lovers gifted her the car with claims that even named Walter P. Chrysler as one of the contenders. Hopkins was pictured with the car in several newspaper articles – always accompanied by a comment to the effect that this was Rudolph Valentino’s Isotta.

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