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Maserati – MC12 (2004)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Engine CC:
Frank Gelf (DE)

Class E

Born for the Racetrack: “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”

Maserati - MC12
Class E74

Precisely according to plan, Maserati manufactured 25 examples of the MC12 – short for Maserati Corse 12-cylinder – in 2004. This would have been enough to meet the regulations for the FIA GT Championship but the huge demand worldwide persuaded Maserati to build an additional 25 cars. The MC12 shared its technical platform with the Ferrari Enzo because both automakers were cooperating closely together at the time. However, Maserati carried out a number of optimisations, not just on the engine but also on the chassis and in the aerodynamics.

A two-seater monocoque forms its chassis and the MC12 also has a hard top. Although this can be removed, there’s no space for it to be stowed in the vehicle itself. At the time, this was the fastest Maserati ever built by some way, with a top speed of at least 330 km/h and acceleration from a standing start in the sprint to 200 km/h in less than ten seconds. This example liveried in archetypal white with blue accents originates from the first series and was delivered in December 2004. Since 2016, it has been in the tenure of the third person to own the car.

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