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Mercedes-Benz – 300 SC (1955)


Vehicle Type:
Coach Builder:
Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen
Inline 6
Engine CC:
Sheik Mohammed Al-Thani (QA)

Class F


Mercedes-Benz - 300 SC
Class F66

The Mercedes-Benz 300 S is a two-door version of the famous Adenauer 300 saloon with the engineering being endowed by the saloon. This car first debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 1951 and it could be ordered as a coupé, cabriolet or roadster. The wheelbase of the 300 S was 15 cm shorter than that of the saloon. The 300 S and the 300 Sc were the last Mercedes-Benz models to be built on a ladder frame, making it still possible to order bodies from specialist coachbuilders. The 3 litre engine of the 300 S was still equipped with three carburettors and delivered around 150 hp. The Mercedes 300 Sc was then launched in 1955 with almost identical bodywork but the Mercedes Sc boasted significantly more chrome. The chrome-plated wheel rims were particularly eye-catching while the main technical difference was evident in the engine with new direct fuel injection. This innovative feature generated an additional 25 hp. Mercedes demonstrated its pride in this innovation by having ‘Einspritzmotor’ or ‘injection engine’ emblazoned on the rear bumper in capital letters. The chassis of the Sc was derived from the more recent 300 C, featuring a new single joint pendulum axle. Only 98 coupés were built between January 1956 and July 1957. The 300 Sc was by far the most expensive and exclusive model in the Mercedes product range. A 300 SL Gullwing cost DM 29,000, while the Sc came in at an eye-watering DM 36,500. The luxurious coupé shown here was delivered new to Paul Getty in the USA in 1956, liveried in Silver Metallic DB 180. An elaborate restoration has returned the coupé to the former glory of its original delivery condition.

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