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Mercedes-Benz – 770 Pullmann Limousine (1939)


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Gesellschaft der Freunde historischer Automobile (DE)

Class B

Kompressor! The Supercharged Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz - 770 Pullmann Limousine
Class B27

When Mercedes-Benz presented the new edition of this stately model at the International Motor and Motorcycle Show in 1938 under the simple series code of W 150, a name had long been coined in common parlance for this majestic automobile. It went down in history as the Grand Mercedes. Indeed, the car was grand in all respects, including the price. The manufacturer’s basic price started at 45,000 marks. This was a sum that allowed an ordinary customer to buy a fleet of a dozen mid-range vehicles of the same marque at that time. It’s no surprise that the production numbers remained distinctly modest.

The specialists at the Sindelfingen factory only produced a total of 83 Grand Mercedes – nine of them bodied as a Pullman Limousine. Most of the work was hand-crafted and all the cars were ordered specially. This example was fitted with a glass partition and was ordered by a Ministry in Romania in July 1939. Mercedes-Benz delivered the vehicle as early as November. Later on, the car went to the USA only to return to Germany subsequently. South of Berlin, it was given a comprehensive restoration over an extended period of eleven years.

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