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F1 Lotus 88 John Player Special (1981)


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The Lotus 88 is an innovative Formula One car designed by Colin Chapman, Peter Wright, Tony Rudd and Martin Ogilvie of Lotus in an effort to maximise the downforce produced by ground effect.
The Lotus 88 made its debut at the first practice session of the 1981 season opener, the US Grand Prix West at Long Beach. Although the car was not allowed to race, it was the first car nominally built to Formula One rules to use a carbon fibre monocoque chassis.
The car was powered by the Ford Cosworth DFV engine. Lotus drivers Nigel Mansell and Elio de Angelis reported the car was pleasing to drive and very responsive.
The Lotus 88 is considered a rare and collectible Formula One car, and is highly sought after by racing enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

Technical Data
Year build 1981
Category Formula One
Designer Colin Chapman, Peter Wright, Tony Rudd, Martin Ogilvie
Chassis Twin-chassis, Carbon fibre
Engine Cosworth DFV 2993cc V8 natuarally aspirated, mid-mounted
Power 490 hp @ 10.750 rpm
Transmission Hewland FGA 5 speed m.
Drivers Elio de Angelis, Nigel Manse

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