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Mercedes-Benz – 630 K Coupé de Ville Saoutchik (1928)


Vehicle Type:
Coupé de Ville
Coach Builder:
Engine CC:
Helga Schäfer (DE)

Class B

Kompressor! The Supercharged Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz - 630 K Coupé de Ville Saoutchik
Class B18

This imposing appearance and the eccentric shade of blackberry conceal robust and advanced engineering from Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. Originally, the design of the new flagship model was carried out by Ferdinand Porsche, who headed development at Daimler-MotorenGesellschaft from April 1923. The engageable supercharger and the shaft-and-bevel drive for the overhead camshaft were not the only striking features. The aesthetics of the large and powerful engine were also impressive – an aspect that was always important to Porsche.

Incidentally, Mercedes-Benz used the letter K (kurz = short) in the model designation to represent the short wheelbase rather than the supercharger (Kompressor). The engine of this car was given dual ignition as a contemporary upgrade, together with a new cylinder head and magnetos. Right from the start, it was clothed with the illustrious bodywork that Iakov Saoutchik created in upmarket Neuilly-sur-Seine: a Coupé de Ville with an open chauffeur’s compartment and aristocratically equipped rear – including a large area of glazing set into the roof of the enclosed interior.

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