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Rolls-Royce – 40/50 HP Phantom II Continental (1933)


Vehicle Type:
Fixed Head Coupé
Coach Builder:
Freestone & Webb
Inline 6
Engine CC:
Lord Bamford (UK)

Class C


Rolls-Royce - 40/50 HP Phantom II Continental
Class C30

The Rolls-Royce Phantom II was the third and last of the Rolls-Royce 40/50 H.P. models, replacing the New Phantom from 1929 onwards and built until 1935. This was the last of the large six-cylinder motor cars whose development was still entirely under the control of Henry Royce himself prior to his death in 1933. An improved version of the 7.7 litre Phantom engine was installed in a completely new chassis. The standard wheelbase of the Phantom II was 150 inches (3,800 mm) and a total of 1,681 chassis were built at the Rolls-Royce factory in Derby. 281 chassis of the Phantom II were constructed as ‘Continental’ versions, with a shorter wheelbase and sportier setup – though the short chassis with a wheelbase of 144 inches (3,700 mm) was not exactly diminutive. This Phantom Continental was commissioned by Sir John Leigh, a cotton-mill owner from Manchester. The industrial magnate possessed no fewer than four Phantom Continentals, all bodied by the illustrious London coachbuilder Freestone & Webb, which regularly won prestigious prizes for its superlative coachwork. The body of this Phantom Continental was arguably one of the first vehicles – if not the very first – to feature the ‘razor-edge’ design. This style trend was avant-garde and truly innovative at the time since previous car bodies had always been characterised by rounded edges, and the influences of razor styling can still be found even today. Hard razor edges in the fuselage styling of the body are combined with helmet wings inspired by a trademark Gurney Nutting design also used by Bentley. They were the only really rounded part of the car. The usual running boards were simply omitted and the roofline of the greenhouse was kept very low. The coachwork has picture-perfect proportions and the individual elements of the body harmonise with each other in exemplary fashion. There are no cumbersome, superfluous lines and no detail appears exaggerated.

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